Fundraising…The Millennial Way

More recently, I came across an article on regarding the latest trends in fundraising for 2016.  I must say, this can indeed apply to the way we fund-raise in politics.  The way we PROSPECT our PROSPECTS is truly changing. This article doesn’t just apply to non-profits. How we engage in politics is equally the same.  A few things that I gathered are as follows:

1.   Stay down. Donor Loyalty is indeed important. Not to overwhelm your donors, but donor engagement is so important. Keep them close, it’s easier to retain donors versus bringing new ones on.

2.  Crowdfunding? Really what is it? It’s easy as abc, a. Decide on a Project b.Get a large group (or individuals) to sign on and support, and c. a moderating organization to bring it all together! I see this as a way to engage NEW donors!  With politics, this all goes back to engagement. Get the endorsement of your political party early on and stay engaged.

3. Fund YOURSELF. Invest in your fundraising efforts. In many instances it does take money to make money. As Gail stated, “Fundraising will unfortunately continue to be chronically-underfunded”.

4.  Billionaires and Bright ideas. Yes, in this age of EMPOWERMENT, everyone feels like they can do anything. I mean, and you can…but some things you should just leave to the experts non-profits. Just donate if you can, leave the actual leg work to those in the trenches…(is this why Trump felt he could run for president)

5. Get with the Program. Social Media is the way. Get with it or get left. The word is INNOVATION here people. With so many ways to touch so many people (Mobile, email marketing, videos, etc) just find a way to advance your technology and meet your donor where they are and make it easy for them to donate.

Overall, if you want to see your ROI, take risk and get with the times!