What’s YOUR cause?

  • Children
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Animals
  • Healthcare

What position are you seeking?

  • Mayor
  • City Clerk
  • Congress or Senator
  • Judge

 Need Help with…?

  • “Elevator Pitch”
  • Opening / Welcome remarks
  • Branding
  • Social Graces / Political Etiquette


PoshPolitics connects and advises public and elected officials, small businesses, and individuals on the intersection of social strategy, content & audience management. We assist clients with image consulting, cause marketing, and branding strategies. PoshPolitics will ensure that your wardrobe, grooming, voice, and body language reflects your cause, values, and impacts your success at the polls, because we design the “TotalCandidate™”.   Whether it’s print, web, radio, or television, we will teach you the proper way to respond to the media in a manner that reflects your image and conveys the message YOU want YOUR constituents to hear. 


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