Fundraising…The Millennial Way

More recently, I came across an article on regarding the latest trends in fundraising for 2016.  I must say, this can indeed apply to the way we fund-raise in politics.  The way we PROSPECT our PROSPECTS is truly changing. This article doesn’t just apply to non-profits. How we engage in politics is equally the same.  A few things that I gathered are as follows:

1.   Stay down. Donor Loyalty is indeed important. Not to overwhelm your donors, but donor engagement is so important. Keep them close, it’s easier to retain donors versus bringing new ones on.

2.  Crowdfunding? Really what is it? It’s easy as abc, a. Decide on a Project b.Get a large group (or individuals) to sign on and support, and c. a moderating organization to bring it all together! I see this as a way to engage NEW donors!  With politics, this all goes back to engagement. Get the endorsement of your political party early on and stay engaged.

3. Fund YOURSELF. Invest in your fundraising efforts. In many instances it does take money to make money. As Gail stated, “Fundraising will unfortunately continue to be chronically-underfunded”.

4.  Billionaires and Bright ideas. Yes, in this age of EMPOWERMENT, everyone feels like they can do anything. I mean, and you can…but some things you should just leave to the experts non-profits. Just donate if you can, leave the actual leg work to those in the trenches…(is this why Trump felt he could run for president)

5. Get with the Program. Social Media is the way. Get with it or get left. The word is INNOVATION here people. With so many ways to touch so many people (Mobile, email marketing, videos, etc) just find a way to advance your technology and meet your donor where they are and make it easy for them to donate.

Overall, if you want to see your ROI, take risk and get with the times!



What “shot” does a candidate who has never run for office have at winning?

Recently someone asked me why is Donald Trump really running for President. Does he deserve to be the POTUS when he has not previously held any office prior to this election. The assertion is that maybe the office is too big to run for if you haven’t ” done your time” and/or climbed the famous “political ladder”. In my opinion, you’ve got to start somewhere.

Typically, the “perfect candidate” has held some office before running for many of the bigger positions sought.  The benefit is that they’ve been involved in politics, understand the legislative process, know how to answer difficult questions and respond to the media, they’ve mastered and can consider themselves a  DISTINGUISHED Toastmaster, so now,  they have a record to run on. Yet, no one wants a lifelong politician.

This lifelong politician has an insatiable appetite to climb the political ladder. Overtime, these lifelong politicians can lose touch with their constituents and then begin voting their way and not really meeting the needs of their constituency.  Inexperienced candidates can be just as bad too. You must be ready for the big league, no matter which office you seek. Either way, you must be prepared to face whatever comes your way because if not, you have the makings of what can be a political disaster.

So, you wonder, what does this really have to do with me. Well, for someone who doesn’t have a strong political voting record or a grand stand in the community, let’s look at your accomplishments. Do you have any business experience?  What have you really accomplished and do you have any trail of standing by principal? What do you really stand for? Can your constituents easily say, you are a leader in your community which you are choosing to represent?

For example, former presidential candidate Herman Cain, who lives right in my district, I honestly never knew he lived so close until it was close to the time in which is resigned from the campaign trail. Was it because he had never run for public office before? Was it because much of the community (and I asked) didn’t know him? Nope, overall I think it was his lack of experience in understanding, dealing with, and leading his state when he is asking to lead this entire FREE NATION! He had pretty much bypassed every major (and minor) office in Georgia. However, he had one heck of a campaign for a newbie.

Business leaders should not be stopped from running, nor should physicians. Some of my favorites to date have been Ben Carson, and who could forget Howard Dean. Dean was the first presidential campaign I ever worked on. “YAAAh!!! lol That was the beginning of the end for him.

In order for experience to count, it needs to be the right kind of experience. Get involved in your local community and build yourself up. I don’t care if you want to run for president of the united states on your first try in politics, your “HOOD” needs to know who you are. At every level, you must be in touch with the people, they are the ones who vote.

Even though, there is indeed something to be said about holding an office as a requirement for success. It has proven itself to be true.

Overall, the choice is yours and it can be done. Look at all of the grassroots campaigns that have made a difference in the way we think, work, and serve. You’ve got to be will to put your feet to the pavement and get out there and work. Some say its hard, but LIFE is as easy as you make. You can do it, and look good at it too!